ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: Incorrect tax forms and retirement funds

We've been working the phones this week for On Your Side Gets Answers.

This week's questions had our team on the phone with the federal government.

Dan K. in Wichita called KAKE News to ask about a tax form mishap.

"I received a form 1099-G from the State of Kansas Department of Labor. However, the form is a 2017 form, and the information on the form is 2017's information. I'm suspecting that maybe many or maybe all of the forms sent out recently may be incorrect."

We called the Kansas Department of Labor, and a representative told KAKE News the department accidentally sent 1099-G tax forms from 2017.

About 450 people received the wrong form in the mail in the last few days, but we're told the mistake was caught, and your correct form is in the mail.

Linda, also from Wichita, is a retired postal worker whose retirement is paid on a direct express card.

Linda went to withdraw cash and was denied.

KAKE News called the Treasury Department, and an official gave us this statement:

"Several banks' ATMs and commercial vendors have not upgraded completely to EMV, which is chip technology used with a PIN.  Government cards are required to have EMV technology because it is more secure.  For certain transactions - especially high dollar amounts, the transaction may be declined."

The Treasury Department advises to call and make sure you're not only using the card correctly but that your preferred ATM can accommodate the technology.

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