Wichita Public Works clears the streets

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -

Snow plows from Wichita Public Works and Utilities drove the city streets in 12 hour shifts at a time with their salt and sand mixture to clear the ice that fell Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

During a ride along in a snow plow with Chris Foulk, heavy equipment operator for flood patrol for Wichita Public Works and Utilities, he said he loves his job.

"I love my job because it gives me an opportunity to help my community out. Make sure they get where they're going safe. You can't ask for a better position to be in, said Folk.

The community is also happy the streets are clear according to one Wichita resident.

"The road is very clear," said Mamadou Thiam. "The city did a great job, and we thank them for that."

Foulk said he drives a truck that belt feeds their salt and sand mixture into a spinner that distributes the mixture evenly across the lanes of a street. He said there are other trucks they use as well, but only for longer routes.

"They call them tandems. They hold a little more than these do and they're used on longer routes, bigger routes. That way it's a lot more efficient with the layout of how we take care of the roads," said Foulk.

Foulk said his real job with Wichita Public Works and Utilities doesn't involve clearing the roads of ice and snow. He works in the flood patrol department clearing ditches and creeks to ensure no flooding occurs on the Wichita streets. However, when winter weather comes around, he said all hands are on deck.

"Everyone chips in and helps keep the roads safe for everyone," said Foulk. "It's a team effort for sure."

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