Artic blast causes slick road conditions

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Schools and businesses across Kakeland were paralyzed by sleet and cold temperatures, but that didn't keep Paul Chavez from delivering your mail.

"That's the way it goes. That's kind of our job, get out there and do it no matter what...almost done so glad to know that," says Paul Chavez, Letter Carrier.

Mark Bailey also had to go into work to set up for a concert at Intrust Bank Arena. He worries we're not out of the woods just yet.

"Roads this morning were really bad. They seem to have thawed out quite a bit. But it'll probably freeze back up and be an ice skating rink," says Mark Bailey, driver.

Despite the sun coming out, and most roads cleared, city leaders are still urging drivers to remain cautious.

"Conditions will still be isolated problems and that can actually be more dangerous for drivers because they get a false sense of confidence that everything is clear and dry," says Joe Pajor, Public Works Director.

From someone who's already been out, here's some advice.

"I would just stay at home if you don't have to get out. And if you do, go slow and obey the laws, cause a lot of people don't," says Bailey.

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