Ice to impact Thursday morning commute in Wichita

Slick roads have proven to be troublesome for Wichita drivers, and with more ice coming in, the morning commute will be more dangerous.

"Tonight into tomorrow morning we expect more of accumulating ice,” said KAKE Meteorologist Cat Taylor. “It's gonna be enough to make the commute twice or three times as bad from what we saw yesterday and today."

Leaving many drivers worried.

"Very scary, You don't know what the other guy is thinking or girl is thinking, so you always have to be aware and on top of your game and stay off your phones and just pay attention to the road,” said Austin Woods.  

City crews along with the Kansas department of transportation have been treating the roads to prevent as many accidents as possible, but their work isn't done.

They'll be out all night.

And the colder temperatures may force them to try something new. 

"We do have some beet juice on hand that's supposed to make the brine work at a lower temperature,” said Tom Hein, KDOT Public Affairs Manager for Wichita. "It's been used across the nation and other parts of Kansas, but here in Wichita, we haven't has much of a chance so we may use it."

The city is asking all drivers to follow these basic winter weather safety tips: Leave home early, drive slow and ake sure to give some space between you and the car in front of you.

Rules many drivers say are common sense.

"Just drive really slow and cautious,” said Reyane Alfraih. 

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