Broadway Corridor officers making a difference

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A group of Wichita Police officer are dedicating time to reduce crime along the Broadway Corridor.

"It makes us feel good that we're seeing an actual impact in the Broadway Corridor. We stop and talk to businesses, especially when we're on bikes," said Sgt. Bob Gulliver, who leads the team with six officers.

Once a month, these officers deliver food boxes to the five schools in the area. Last year, they made nearly 5,000 contacts with students through their partnership with the Kansas Food Bank.

It is schools that officers hope they are cultivating relationships.

"That's exactly how we want them to view us is as their partner, not some adversary or some bad guy that's going to take their mom or dad to jail. And, we tell them, if you ever need help, we'll be there," said Gulliver.

Park Elementary Principal Kristi Franks has noticed the changed in perception toward law enforcement.

"At the beginning, kids were a little trepidatious the first time they saw them come in and they were kind of wanting to know what was going on. Since then, these guys are like rock stars with our kids," said Franks.

Since the team started in the summer of 2017, they have seen a reduction in 911 calls.

"One of the things that makes our team unique is we're pretty high enforcement out on the street, but we're also very high community engagement," said Gulliver.

The Broadway Corridor stretches from Pawnee to 21st Street and from Water to St. Francis.

For more information about the team, click here.

  • In 2018 the Broadway Corridor Team had contact with 17,882 citizens, 529 businesses contacts, and 260 motel contacts.
  • The team arrested 665 individuals resulting in 895 misdemeanor arrests and 400 felony arrests and issued 546 citations.
  • The team logged 3850 man hours on bicycles.
  • The team has had 4680 student contacts in the five schools located in the corridor.
  • Since August of 2017 the team, members of the WPD Vice Unit, and officers from all four patrol bureaus have conducted 15 sex trafficking stings resulting in 121 individuals being arrested.