Wins for Kansas: RETAIN

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RETAIN stands for "Responsible and Ethical Treatment of Animals in Neighborhoods." This volunteer driven organization is trying to make a difference in Kansas neighborhoods.

"There are a lot of animals that die in shelters everyday because there's not enough homes for them," said Denise Townsley, a RETAIN volunteer.

Because of that fact, RETAIN volunteers dedicate their time to raise money to pay for spays and neuters for low income familes. 

"They're very thankful that they are able to keep their pets, and take care of their pets," said Townsley.

The process isn't just to control the population, it's important for the health of the animal as well. "It reduces a lot of health risks by having them altered."
And while many know why it's important, the cost alone can hold them back. "That's why we provide money to get their pets fixed."

After getting that help, some recipients turn around and become volunteers themselves.

"Once we've helped them, they kind of get on board and start helping us."

KAKE TV and our partners Devaughn James Injury Lawyers want to get on board and help as well. That's why RETAIN is this week's Wins for Kansas.