Family of sick boy hopes medical marijuana will finally be legalized in Kansas

It brings Audrey Jones to tears knowing her 10-year-old son Tommy may finally get the help he needs.

"He's my baby and I will fight for him and whatever it takes to keep him healthy and happy,” said Jones.  

Tommy has neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves.

The spots on his body are all signs he's at risk for more.

He suffers seizures, extreme pain and exhaustion, and he says anything is better than the medicine he has to take.

"I used to with my pills, my small ones used to make me act like I was a 4-year-old again,” said Tommy.

Lisa Sublett founded bleeding Kansas, a group that's helping introduce one of the bills.

"Getting the ball across the line is important, but I'll never back down fighting for the poor and for the sick and disenfranchised,” she said.

It was so bad Christine Gordon moved her seven-year-old daughter from Kansas to Colorado so she could use medical marijuana to help with her constant seizures.

"In Kansas, I didn't have a name,” said Gordon. “She would just reach her hand out when she needed me. Now, she calls me mamma all the time which is like music."

Since she's been on medical marijuana, she's talking and has only had one seizure.

But some local doctors like Eric Voth are against legalizing medical marijuana, saying, " "My argument is stick with pure medicine. Medicine that's reliable, medicine that's researched, medicine that comes in a very specific dose amount that has very specific effects and side effects. Get away from this hysteria,"

But others say until you're in their situation, be slow to judge.

"They don't see the hurt of that child that you have to take care of that you can sit up nights days with that child to make sure they're ok,” said Jones. “I've done that so many times with my son."

The two bills are both expected to be introduced within the next two weeks. 

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