Wins for Kansas: Hispanic Education & Development Foundation

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The Kansas Hispanic Education and Development Foundation is on a mission to help Hispanic students get to college.

"Most of our students are first generation, so this is their first intro into looking at post secondary education," said organization president Yolanda Camarena.

From those first steps and beyond, they've been there every step of the way for Hispanic students for more than 11 years. And what sets them a part? They're one of the few organizations that provide scholarships beyond the first year. 

 "We've found that if our students really complete their second year of college, their success rate of completing and graduating from college increases significantly," Camarena said. 

And that success is evident with their record of students doing extraordinary things.

 "We've had a student who interned at NASA we have a student who is on her way to japan and will be teaching English there"

Great feats made possible by support and donations from their community. 

 "These are opportunities they would not have had, if they had not gone on to college. It just opens up a whole new world and it changes their lives completely."

To help them on their mission to continue changing lives, KAKE-TV and our partners Devaughn James Injury Lawyers are honoring them as this week's Wins for Kansas. 

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