Local auto body shops see increase in weather-related accidents

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Dangerous road conditions have caused numerous problems for drivers and their cars. 

Ken Hunnell, manager at All Angles Collision Repair, says he's seen an increase in weather-related accidents. The Wichita Police Department responded to nearly 300 reported accidents in the last seven days.

"Black ice seems to be the biggest cause of that," said Hunnell, "A lot of times just unexpected slick spots."

 Hunnell says collisions aren't the only thing causing damage to cars. He warns drivers to  take precautions to avoid future damage to their cars caused by winter weather and road treatments.

"That salt and that stuff that gets on there is very harmful to your paint but more importantly harmful to the underside, and it's something that you won't notice for many years," said Hunnell. 

 He advises drivers wash the salt and sand off of their tires as well as the underside of their car.