Snow and ice cover Kansas highways Tuesday

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Snow, ice-covered roads, and high winds caused problems for drivers across Kansas Tuesday.

One truck driver says, “It was to the point where trucks were sliding. Cars were sliding."

Stretches of I-70 were closed throughout the day as road conditions worsened.

After a fatal accident killed a 19-year-old woman near Junction City, an emotional KHP trooper pleaded with drivers to stay off the roads.

“It’s devastating. It is. Please consider your safety in your travels,” says Trooper Ben Gardner.

Truckers in Salina say they’re parking for the night, because the roads are just too bad.

“The back of my trailer came off the road. That’s why I stopped,” says Jim Yount.

“Our loads are not worth your life. The load will be here the next day. Do not push it to try to get somewhere else,” says Kevin Parrish.

For others, work doesn’t stop. Timeri Herrington works at a local Salina restaurant. She says she’ll be out all evening making deliveries.

“It’s pretty scary. I’m cautious, but still it's pretty slick when I'm taking turns, or not paying attention, or I'm going too fast. I can definitely feel my car drifting on the snow and ice."

Road conditions are expected to improve Wednesday as temperatures increase and crews clear snow from roadways.

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