ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: school lunch and "grandparents scam"


In this week's KAKE News On Your Side Gets Answers, we're taking your questions about school lunch times and an ongoing scam.

David, from Wichita e-mailed KAKE News about USD 259 lunch times.

He wrote, "USD 259 (is) not giving Children enough time to eat....elementary schools are giving kids about 10 mins to eat. If you are last in line that gives you about 3-5 mins to eat."

KAKE News contacted the district, whose spokesperson Susan Arensman told us elementary schools have a 40 minute lunch/recess period, with about 20 minutes to eat. Arensman said schools will change the time for meals and let students stay in the cafeteria if they need more time to finish lunch.

If you have questions, Arensman says you can get in touch with your child's school.

Helen called KAKE News about the "grandchild scam," in which a caller pretends to be your grandkid, asking you for money.

"I hung up on him (the scammer)," says Helen. "I'd hate for other people to fall into it."

Helen did the right thing by hanging up.

The Better Business Bureau says in this kind of scam, the caller can seem convincing, but before you do anything, check out the story with other family members.

The BBB also advises not to call the phone number the scammer gave you and says to ask the scammer questions that would be hard for an impostor to know.

If you have a question you need answered, give us a call, or send us an e-mail, at investigates@kake.com.

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