WIC and SNAP funded through February amid shutdown

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The government shutdown is in its 25th day. It's now affecting Kansas families who don't work for the government.

Thousands of Kansans rely on federal funding to help feed their families. Now, they worry if that money will still be available even during the shutdown.

One single mom of two kids says feeding them can be a struggle.

"I don't have someone to help me pay my everyday utilities, or my rent, or my car," she says.

Every month, the state provides formula for her 7-month-old son through the Women Infants and Childrens Program, or WIC. She and many others are worried what the future holds as the government shutdown continues.

David Tomason, the Director of WIC & Nutrition Services at KDHE says recipients shouldn't worry.

"We would reassure all the participants they can receive their benefits and go to the store just like they normally do and not feel any hesitation at all," says Tomason.

Tomason says the state's WIC program will be funded both January and February.

Another service hundreds of Kansans rely on is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. It will also be funded through February.

The mother says while she's relieved she won't have to worry about formula now, she worries about March.

"I'll have to think ahead. I'll have to plan ahead to make sure I have enough formula going into there," she says.

Both state and federal agencies continue to work together, meeting weekly to plan for future funding.