Lt. Governor-elect Lynn Rogers hosts 'Day of Service' ahead of the inauguration

As the government shutdown continues with no end in sight, one legislator made his way across the state for Kansas day of service.

"We really wanted to make sure the inaugural events weren't just in Topeka but that they were state-wide,” said Lieutenant Governor-elect Lynn Rogers. "We wanted everyone to have an opportunity to participate, and we wanted to be a part of their communities as well."

Rogers will be sworn in on Monday, along with governor-elect Laura Kelly.

But before, he made a stop in Wichita to help the Food for Kids Program and support a food drive for the Wichita Family Crisis Center, a shelter that helps women and children affected by domestic abuse.

"It was really exciting to pick some of these non-profits that we can work with and help,” Rogers added.  

Help is something the shelter desperately needs.

It relies 80 percent on government grants, so if the shutdown doesn't end soon, it may be forced to close.

"These food items will replenish some of the stocks we have had to use up recently as a result of the government shutdown,” stated Wichita Family Crisis Center Executive Director Amanda Meyers.

While the future's unclear for the center, Meyers is grateful the community is stepping up to help.

But she's not surprised.

"I really believe that Wichitans, if given the opportunity, will donate their time,” she said. “They're very committed to service."

"It really feels like we're being a good part of our community,” said volunteer Leo Algya.

Rogers says it's important to help the shelter as much as possible, especially now.

"Domestic violence is so important… One in four women have to face it sometime in their life and they need the ability to go somewhere where it's safe,” said Rogers. “And this food really will help them stretch their resources."

Rogers says he planned on making several more stops after volunteering at the food bank but weather postponed some of them.

Again, he and Kelly will be sworn in on Monday. Kelly will deliver an inaugural address and the 2019 legislature. 

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