Residents prepare for winter storm

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When the forecast calls for snow, shoppers usually start to load up and city crews start to get machinery ready.

“It’s pretty bad, it’s getting bad,” said Tiffany Wilkins. “I don’t like the weather at all.”

A lot of grocery stores saw a steady stream of customers walking in and out, with the storm starting as a cold, harsh rain.

“I’m not scared of driving in the weather as long as people drive slowly, and cautious,” said Angie Piermont.

Employees at Hardware stores spent the day preparing for customers looking for winter tools.

“De-icer for those locks when the moisture hits,” Rob Knipp. “It can be hard to open your house or your car. Get ice melt for smooth surfaces.”

City crews told KAKE News they couldn’t treat the streets ahead of time because the rain would have washed treatments off the roads.

Wichita likely won’t see the worst of the storm compared to northern parts of the state. Most shoppers said they still didn’t want to chance it – stocking up now so they can stay in later.

“We’re just bundled in and going to make stew,” said Wilkins.

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