Hillsboro Community Hospital utilities bill paid, power remains on

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The clock strikes 12 and business remains per usual at the Hillsboro Community Hospital. A normal day, something Jeanette Schaeffer and her husband, who works at the hospital, aren't taking for granted.

"He wasn't worried at all he said Jeanette don't worry we've got a plan we'll be okay. We're just going through a rough patch," says Jeanette Schaeffer.

Just days ago, the city had threatened to shut off power if the hospital didn't pay 30 thousand dollars they owed in utilities.

"I was notified by the city today that the utility payment had been paid in full and that there was no other risk of the utilities being turned off," says Jessika Workman, Chief Nursing Officer.  

Although it came down to the wire for the check to clear, there was a back up plan in case it didn't.

"It is always nice to know if a disaster is coming and so we were able to make additional preparations to ensure the safety of our patients and the safety the staff and to ensure that we would be able to continue functioning without an interruption of services," says Workman. 

EmpowerHMS owns the hospital, and is responsible for the late payment.

"We do contribute clearly to how vendors and how cities get paid and things like that, but we aren't necessarily the place the check is cut from," says Workman.

"Hopefully they can find a new owner cause the hospital needs to stay open cause these people need that hospital it's very important," says Shaeffer.

Jessika Workman wants residents to know the hospital has no intention of closing, and they remain committed to serving the community the best they can.

"Yes we are a hundred percent open we are operating at a hundred percent capactiy all of our services are in tact and please just know that your hospital is here for you," says Workman.