'She was in a lot of distress': 2-year-old dog dies after injuries to ‘every limb'

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Jason Cooke/Facebook Jason Cooke/Facebook

A 2-year-old dog named Mocha was euthanized after officials said the animal suffered injuries to "every limb" of her body.

Quine D. Markins was charged on both felony and misdemeanor charges for prohibitions concerning companion animals, WJW-TV reported.

Jason Cooke, an animal advocate told WJW-TV in Cleveland that he helped rescue the dog.

“I could see right away that she couldn’t walk,” he said. “She was in a lot of distress.”

Cooke said a veterinary hospital did "X-rays that showed multiple fractures and breaks. The vet was actually surprised that the injuries weren’t from a car. She had no road rash or scrapes or any indication she was struck by a car. And she had old injuries.”

A report from the veterinarian's office said Mocha had suffered injuries that "involve every limb," WJW reported.

Many of the injuries were considered “chronic” and showed various stages of healing.

The “injuries are highly suspicious for abuse,” the report stated, according to the television station.

Cooke said he consulted multiple specialists who all agreed that her condition was poor.

“I went and bought her a cheeseburger, and she ate it, and I sent her to heaven,” he said. “She’ll be coming home (Tuesday). I consider her my dog. Even though she was only in my life for less than 24 hours.”

Despite all of the abuse she received, Cooke said Mocha "never stopped loving."

“People need to know she died surrounded by love,” he said. “She was surrounded by people who loved her probably for the first time in their life.”