New medication drop-off box unveiled in Wichita

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Kathy Deane is doing something she says she should've done 3 years ago, getting rid of her old drugs.

"Look at that from my surgery and I just... that's the kind of stuff that's the problem, you know," says Kathy Deane.

Deane dedicates her life to helping drug addicts recover, and even she knows just how easy it can be to forget about old prescription drugs.

"For the first time in 3 years I'm letting this go symbolically and real to let everybody know that this is what causes problems on the streets," says Deane. 

Nationwide more than 72,000 people died from drug overdose in 2018, in Kansas that number was 333.

Deane is hoping to help curb those numbers by dropping off her prescription at the newest drop box in Wichita.

Safe Streets Wichita is partnering with Dandurand Drugstore for this permanent medication lock box.

A child may have access to their parents unused medications or you may have a neighbor or friend come by and they go to the restroom and they look in the medication cabinet and they say hmmm they won't miss a pill if I take out of a bottle. So what we're trying to do is reduce the dangers that could take place in regards to possible prescription drug overdose," says Jan Chandler.

Chandler says it's little steps like these that ultimately make a big difference.

You can just rejoice within yourself and say hey I have done my part as a citizen in Wichita and helped make this place a better place to live," says Chandler.

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