Customer surprises Hutchinson McDonald's employee with new car

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A Kansas man surprised a McDonald's employee with a car on Wednesday. Chris Ellis and his son Josh visit the McDonald's drive-thru in South Hutchinson every time they drive through town.

Vicki Anderson works the drive-thru and says she look forward to their visits.

Recently, Anderson fell on hard times when her car stopped working. She says her managers gladly drove her to and from work while she didn't have a car.

When Ellis and his son found out, they decided to help.

"I was in a position where I could help somebody else... If you have the means to help you should help, and that's what we did," said Ellis.

They surprised Anderson with the car while she was working on Wednesday.

"It was really fun seeing her reaction though, that was the best part," Ellis said.

Anderson says she is incredibly grateful for the gesture and promises to pass the kindness along.

Watch her receive her gift below.