Wichita business sells gift-cards then closes


A Wichita family who bought gift cards from a local business, was surprised to find out the business had closed without warning. 

Teresa Kreuger and her husband recently spent hundreds of dollars on gift cards for her kids to use at Xtreme Racing, a go-kart track previously located at 2120 North Woodlawn. But when they went they went to use the gift cards, they found out the company had closed its doors for good.

"Kind of angry, because we went December 22nd and purchased the gift cards. And at the time they didn't say they were closing or anything. They just took our money." said Kreuger.

When KAKE crews went to Xtreme Racing, there was no trace the two year old business even existed. The company's website says there are already new plans for the building. 

If you have unused gift cards from Xtreme Racing, there are other options. "The Arcade" in downtown Wichita is offering incentives through the end of January.

Derek Sorrells, owner of "The Arcade," is offering two free passes to every customer with an Xtreme Racing gift card.

"A lot of these gift cards were bought for Christmas and we wanted to be able to give those people the opportunity to still have a good time in Wichita." said Sorrells. He is even allowing customers to keep the gift cards to use at the Tulsa location. 

Kreuger, still disappointed, has no plans to go all the way to Oklahoma. "No way we could get all of our kids to go at the same time. Plus, we wouldn't want to drive two and a half hours."