What to expect from the president's national address

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President Donald Trump will address the nation Tuesday night about what he calls the humanitarian and national security crisis at the border.

Local political analysts tell KAKE News this is one of the few ways the president has to move the fight over the border wall in any direction as the stalemate enters week three.

"He doesn't have a lot of resources.  Probably his best way to move this matter is to go public and to try to raise the profile of this issue and convince people that he's right and the Democrats in Congress are wrong," said Dr. Neal Allen, political scientist at Wichita State University.

Dr. Allen also says the majority of Americans still oppose the idea of a wall along the southern border as a financial priority for the country.  Although a series of scientific polls through December showed support is slowly growing.

"Trump doesn't seem to want to back down or move toward the Democrats," he said about possibly ending the shutdown.  "And so ratcheting up conflict maybe is a way to do it."

The president tweeted out his intentions Monday afternoon after days of speculation he would declare a national emergency and order the Department of Defense to start building the wall immediately.  

"Presidents generally don't do this kind of thing.  When you have had emergency power building in the past, it tends to be things like a military base that's put up during war time," said Dr. Allen.  "So putting up a structure to deal with an ongoing and continuing problem using emergency powers either stretches the Constitution or breaks the Constitution."

Dr. Allen  says he'd be surprised if this speech changes anything as this shutdown drags on, especially now that Democrats have control of the U.S. House.

Look for that speech right here on KAKE News at 8 CT Tuesday night.