Witness recalls chilling moments during gas station robbery


"I hear what I feel like is gunshots coming from inside the store and it really scared me,” said J.D.

J.D. stands outside his home, recalling the chilling moments four men ran into the B & H gas station on South Seneca with guns.

He just left the store when he saw them go inside.

"I kinda had a feeling that something was going on,” he said. “One of them had a mask on."

Wichita police say the men were trying to rob the store on December 28th when one of them approached an armed customer, a deadly mistake.

"The citizen pulled a gun and shot at the suspects,” said Wichita Police Lieutenant Chris Halloran, after the shooting. “At least one of them was hit.”

That suspect later died in the hospital. He was just 16 years old.

"They weren't willing to stay there for their friend who was in critical condition,” said J.D. “It is kind of cowardice for them to run away.”  

The other three men took off, one arrested but two are still on the run.

As police keep looking for them, J.D. is just grateful the store's owners, who are also family friends, weren't hurt.

"It makes me feel really accomplished because I know that the crime is gonna keep going, but we need to come together as a community and show that we're together as one,” said J.D. “We need to watch out for our friends as well as our family." 

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