Park City woman finds service dog that ran away during fireworks

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A Park City woman whose service dog took off after being frightened by New Year's fireworks has been found. 

Courtney Smith posted a video to Facebook Saturday night saying she's found her dog, Venus. She said she found Venus behind the Chisholm Creek Pet Resort at 61st Street and Hillside. 

"I couldn’t have done this without all of your support and shares and LOVE!!"

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Courtney Smith and her boyfriend Jarod spent the evening frantically searching for her missing service dog, Venus.

She ran off on New Year’s Day, after being frightened by fireworks.

"I can't fathom my life without her,” said Smith.

Smith suffers from severe anxiety and depression.

"It's just hard to be a person some days, because you just, you want to have motivation and be the best you possible but you just can't,” she explained. “You're being prevented from doing what you need to do to stay alive to just everyday things."

It’s the reason her doctor helped her get a service dog.

That help turned out to be just what she needed.

"Having a dog that can help me feel like I'm important and like I have motivation, it's indescribable,” said Smith. “She takes the worst part of my life and makes it so much better."  

Smith's friends and family also notice the difference Venus has made.

Her boyfriend feels guilty because he hasn't been able to find her and bring her home.

"I dreaded walking back without her,” Jarod Sears recalled. “I was like, ‘I don't know what I'm going to tell her, what we're gonna do.’ She's been like the centerfold of our relationship."

As the search continues, the couple pleads, if you see Venus, who also responds to "Mamas," call or text them at: (316) 789 -3685.

"I'm a whole different person since I've had her,” said Smith. "If somebody does have her, I'm not gonna ask any questions. I just want my dog back."