KAKE On Your Side Gets Answers


Every week, our Investigative Team makes dozens of calls on behalf of Kansans.

Now, we're launching a segment called "On Your Side Gets Answers."

Many of our callers have the same questions others do.

In this week's On Your Side Gets Answers, Carla from Wichita called our tipline and asked, "My husband was recently in a car accident, and we're having trouble making rent. Where does someone go for help?"

Our answer for Carla: call the Center of Hope, (316) 267-0222.The organization helps with rent and bills in times of need.

But don't wait until the last minute, because financial assistance isn't immediate.

However, a recommendation from a medical professional can speed up the process.

Bobbie, at Mobile Manor in Wichita wanted to know what to do if you think there is drug activity in your neighborhood.

Our answer:

If something is happening right now, call 911.

In Wichita, you can also contact your Community Policing Officer. They can help beef up patrols in your area.

And lastly, file a report so police can keep up with crime trends. Many departments now have apps, so filing is quick and easy. Otherwise, give them a call.

Mary, a loyal KAKE viewer, says the Social Security office phone lines are tied up. She wanted to know if it was because of the government shutdown.

Our answer: no. The Social Security Administration is funded and open for business. The problem is an extraordinary call volume this time of year. So keep calling back, or go online.

If you have questions you need answered, you can reach us on Facebook or Twitter, by calling 1-855-OYS-KAKE or email us at Investigates@kake.com.