Starving, terminal dog found in south Wichita dies

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A dog with terminal cancer that was found living in horrible conditions last month has died, a Wichita rescue group said. 

The Wichita Animal Action League said on Facebook that Penny's condition declined drastically and she was euthanized on Wednesday. A woman found her near Funston and Market on the south side in late December.

The dog was emaciated, covered in feces and urine, and was severely malnourished. An exam revealed she also had a terminal form of cancer. 

Police are investigating Penny's case as one of neglect. 

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A starving dog found in Wichita, living in horrible conditions, has animal advocate’s demanding answers.

Penelope, "Penny," was found by a woman near the 1800 block of South Market in late December. A woman in the area discovered her extremely emaciated, covered in her own feces and urine and severely malnourished. By the time she took her to Animal Control, Penelope was nearly 20 lbs. underweight.

After the initial examination, Wichita Animal Action League paid for X-Rays, CBC blood panel, heartworm test and an ultrasound. They discovered she had a terminal form of cancer, and believed that she had come down with lymphoma more than two months ago.

“We’re obviously disturbed by her condition,” said Sarah Coffman with WAAL. “Today we’ll be pulling fluid off her abdomen to make her more comfortable and put her on steroids.

Police are now investigating the neglect case, and Coffman fears her owners ignored warning signs of her condition. If proven, it could lead to charges.

“It’s not normal for a dog to look like this,” she said. “Her owners, to our best knowledge did not get the vet care at the time and that is grounds for neglect.”

Penelope’s condition is so bad, at this point, doctors are simply trying to keep her comfortable and volunteers with the rescue want to keep her happy.

“We know that our followers would donate… no amount of money in this situation is going to give her the years that she should still have left and that’s what’s really heartbreaking about cases like this one,” Coffman said. “We will be there with her when it’s time to say goodbye.”