Wichita's Baby New Year 2019

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This is a story we at KAKE News have waited all year to share with you:  welcoming Wichita's first baby of 2019.

Mom, Gretchen, and Dad, Gregg are gathered with their two daughters on a hospital bed at Via Christi St. Joseph Tuesday afternoon, marveling over their newest addition, little Kaelynn Larson.

"Are you excited to be a big sister?" Gretchen asks the older girls.


Though the whole family is a bit overwhelmed at the attention this little nugget is bringing them.

"I had heard that maybe, but I thought that was more jokingly," Gretchen laughs. 

"It was a big surprise," Gregg says.

Gretchen nods, looking at the TV cameras. 

"A lot of attention here. So... it's overwhelming, but it's great.  Pretty special," she adds.

They say Kaelynn's appearance at 3:01 a.m. on New Year's Day was early in more ways than just the hour.

"She was due on January 6th and decided to come early and made her appearance on the first instead," Gretchen explains, then laughs.  "She came quick and on her own time."

Even her gender was a surprise for the Larson family.

"We didn't know if she was a boy or girl so it was kind of..." Gretchen trails off.

Gregg finishes for her, "A big surprise!"

Luckily they were ready for Kaelynn's arrival, if just barely.

"We made sure she has a name just this last Sunday.  That's kind of an important thing," Gretchen says.

"We've used all our girl names," Gregg laughs.

As for the rumor there was something of a race going on for the title of Baby New Year 2019, Gretchen shrugs it off.

"I wasn't trying to beat anybody!" she laughs.

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