Wichita police planning for extra patrol on New Year's Eve

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If you're out celebrating on New Year's Eve, you might also be celebrating with a drink.

A.J. Knight says that's his plan. "We're just having a good time on New Year's. Took the wife out and the best friend."

With drinking, also comes the need for more responsibility.

"If you're coming out to drink, definitely have a plan on getting home. Catch an Uber, grab a DD. Whatever it takes to stay safe," says Kayla Warren at 6 Degrees.

Wichita police say they're prepared for New Year's Eve with extra patrol on the streets all across Wichita. They also say they'll be using mounted units or police on horseback to help control crowds downtown.

Lt. Joe Kennedy with Wichita PD says the horses help control crowds when it gets busy. "Being up on the horses, they're able to see the crowds a little bit better."

Using ride share services like Uber and Lyft were at the top of the list for most of the people out drinking on New Year's.

"Definitely Uber, it's the smartest way to go, and it's pretty affordable," says Rory Curmode.

Jorge Dehoyos says,"get Uber, get something. Don't drive drunk because a DUI will change your life."

Wichita police say if you don't have a plan to get home safely, they're prepared to make a plan for you, but you may not like it."

"They don't want to go with us. They're going to be handcuffed in the backseat and probably gonna be put in one of our vans. And they'll be transported down to the jail and they'll spend a few hours at the jail for drinking too much, and we don't want to see that."

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