Vandals cut power from The Arc light display again

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It was lights out for the second time early Friday morning at The Arc of Sedgwick County’s light display.

Thieves cut and stole power cords from an outdoor electrical box for the second time overnight.

“It was just completely black from here, going that direction,” said The Arc’s Executive Director Kevin Fish. “We realized that the power cord that comes from this box that takes care of the north side was gone completely.”

In the latest theft, the culprits struck at the most important section of the display, the entrance. Fish says this area is crucial because it draws crowds in.

“With St. Paul being the first place people see as they come to see the lights, they assume we’re closed and we could potentially be losing people that could be coming to make a donation.”

Donations this time of year are important for The Arc. Funding goes to hundreds of programs and events for those living with disabilities.

Fish said, “It helps us to brighten lives all year long, but again, we have to have this event be successful for us to do that."

Volunteers have been working on the display year round, even through cold and rainy days.

“For all those people who put in all that time and energy, it’s just extra frustrating to them,” said Fish. “To see somebody come and be able to turn off that hard work, it really, it upsets people.”

Friday is the last night for The Arc’s light display, but Fish says thanks to some kind neighbors, the show will still go on.

“Luckily our neighbors down here at first street were wonderful enough to let us plug stuff into their house and that allowed us to basically get everything re-lit."

On Sunday, a thief stole power lines from some light displays.