Weather impacts post-Christmas travel

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After looking at the board, it was clear to most travelers, it would be a long day.

"Yea, this isn't good,” said Cameron Vandegrift.

Not only is this one of the busiest travel days, but weather is causing widespread delays and cancellations at DFW and O’Hare airports, both major hubs for the nation’s largest air carrier, American Airlines.

Leaving flyers in limbo.

"I've been stuck here trying to figure everything out,” Vandegrift added.

Aaron Alberter and his granddaughter Lily were supposed on vacation in Florida.

"We were supposed to go on the beach,” said Lily.  

They waited hours before finally going home.

Like countless others, they were forced to rebook and hope to catch a flight in the morning.

After his ordeal, he had some tips for other travelers.

"Sign up for the alerts and things like that, because we didn't check our phones or our emails, and we didn't know until we got here,” Alberter stated.  

 And while it's been a frustrating day, most aren’t letting it ruin their holiday vacation.

"This is just a minor setback,” said Vandegrift. “I'm not gonna let it affect my holiday spirit."

Checking the status of your flight is as easy as going to the airport website.

If you're unsure where to look, click the following link: 

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