Government shutdown: How it impacts Kansans

For the third time this year, the government is shutdown.

This go around, McConnell Air Force Base isn't affected, thanks to a defense spending bill that passed back in September.

But for federal workers, it's a different story.

The partial shutdown means they won't be paid over the holidays.

So here at Eisenhower National Airport, the lines won't be affected because workers will still have to show up despite the inconvenience.

"It's pretty sad,” said Angie Brown. “I mean, I know a lot of people that work for the government and they're part of those people. It just seems crazy to me.”

Aside from flights, social security checks will still go out and Medicare will still be provided.

Food stamps, subsidized school lunches and SNAP will all be accessible unless the state or federal account runs out of available funds before the shutdown ends.

The department of agriculture says the funds will only last for a month or two.

"If it's going to be affecting people like that. If it's going to be hurting families, then yea, it needs to be over sooner than later,” said Darci Folster.

If you need a federally assisted loan for a small business or looking to refinance your mortgage, you'll have to wait.

Public housing may also be affected.

If you're worried about your mail or a holiday package, no worries; the United States Postal Service won't be affected.

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