Santa at Kansas Bass Pro stops and prays for boy who asked for new kidney for Christmas

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Julie Kay Ryff/Facebook Julie Kay Ryff/Facebook

A mother is sharing what she calls a "unique and wonderful experience" she had when she took her kids to visit Santa at a Bass Pro Shops location in Kansas.

Julie Kay Ryff said after her kids took their picture with Santa at Bass Pro in Olathe, each got on St. Nick's lap and he asked what they wanted for Christmas.

Ryff told Santa that her son Levi doesn't talk much but that he was on the kidney transplant list and would like a new one for Christmas. 

"Santa had a very surprised look on his face and immediately reached for Levi and put him back on his lap," Ryff said. "Santa then put one arm around Levi and his other hand on his belly and started to pray for Levi."

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Ryff said it was the most heartfelt and sincere prayer. He then hugged Levi, looked his mom in the eye and squeezed her hand.

"I walked away crying. It never ceases to amaze me how God puts people in your path to bless and encourage you when you need it most, and usually it comes in the most unexpected places and ways."

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