KC-46 could arrive at McConnell in weeks

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As training crews continue to prepare for the arrival of the KC-46 tanker, McConnell Air Force officials hope the new tankers will arrive within a matter of weeks. On Wednesday, officials discussed the variety of abilities of the tanker, ranging from cargo loading to personnel evacuations.

“The KC-46 will change everything from the way we operate air medical evacuations – to get those soldiers out of a war-zone in Afghanistan to get them the care they need,” said Lt. Daniel de La Fe, Public Information Officer at McConnell.

He confirmed the news while showing media the training operations under way ahead of the official arrival. On the base, crews have been taking advantage of the new training facility built – which includes a replica of the KC-46 where they can adjust to the increased size of the aircraft.

The hands-on training provides massive opportunity and advantage for crews.

“I started out on paper posters for cargo loading, paper documentation for loading,” said Master Sergeant Devin Kay. “Now we have a full scale replica of the air frame to actually practice on.”

The aircraft promises to be the best tanker available for refueling operations, designed to be faster, cheaper and able to fly longer distances.

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