Wichita woman gets enough donations to save dog

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A Wichita woman who could not afford to get her dog back from the shelter now has enough donations.

KAKE News shared Paris Jones' story Sunday. Jones said that her dog Hendrix had escaped her backyard Saturday and ended up at the Wichita Animal Shelter. When she attempted to get him back, she was told she had until Tuesday to come up with $150 to pay the fine and bring him home. 

Now, thanks to donations Jones will be able to pay the fine and pick up Hendrix sometime Monday. At last checked she raised $950 of her $300 goal to save her dog.

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"My first reaction is heartbreak, honestly," said Paris Jones.

She's  begging for help in getting back the dog she says saved her life.

"He can unlock his kennel.  He can unlock the doors, open the door knob, everything," Paris said.  "He grabs it with his paws and turns it and everything."

Paris stands in her backyard Sunday afternoon looking at the fence her puppy Hendrix jumped over Saturday.

"We just go for walks," she says.  "And whenever we do he jumps over the fence and just chases after us."

It was just a few months ago Paris and her boyfriend rescued Hendrix,a Viszla puppy, from life as a stray.  He quickly became her unofficial service dog helping her deal with anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD.

"I stopped my medication because he was honestly helping me.  He's very therapeutic."

Now, she's desperate to rescue him again.  Saturday, Hendrix took off and they couldn't find him.  Eventually he showed up on the Wichita Animal Shelter's lost pets web page.

Excited, Paris says she called to find out what she'd need to do to bring Hendrix home only to learn it would cost as much as $150.

"I basically said, like, 'Well, OK, what about... I get paid Thursday.  Can I, like, come in then?' and then he said, 'Well, we can only hold him for 72 hours before we get rid of him," Paris explains.  "Which, I don't know if they'll try to get rid of him by, you know, putting him down or giving him away.  I don't know"

What she knows is she's exhausted every method she knows of to scrape together the money.  So now she's set up a GoFundMe account, hoping others will donate to help spring Hendrix.

"My biggest fear is just losing him overall.  He's literally my whole world."