Man uses super long CVS receipt to replace broken blind

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A man used his super long CVS receipt to replace a broken Venetian blind and the internet loves it.

Andrew Nolan, of Lakewood, Ohio, tweeted a picture on Monday of the improvised device, throwing some literal shade at the pharmacy known for its lengthy transaction records.

He told WEWS he got the idea on accident. He bought fewer than 10 items from a local CVS and then laid out the receipt on his bedroom floor to take a picture of it and sent it to his friends. 

He said came back later and thought the receipt was one of the blinds that had fallen on the floor.

“…they’re cheap blinds so they fall off pretty often,” he said told the Cleveland ABC station. “And when I realized it was actually the receipt, I thought it would be funny to see if it fit in the window, and it happened to fit perfectly."