Road crews watch forecast, pre-treat roads as precaution

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City of Wichita road crews are already preparing for any winter weather that may fall from the sky this weekend.

Crews have been working since Sunday to lay salt brine on roads, pre-treating the city’s 1500 miles of roads.

“It does take about five days to pre-treat all of our emergency snow routes,” said Joe Pajor, Deputy Director of Wichita Public Works. “Part of the reason, is we do that on regular time, we have a limited number of pre-treatment vehicles.”

Pajor said that on Friday, officials will decide whether crews should run 12-hour shifts to treat the roads for any precipitation that falls.

The City of Wichita already enacted it’s Emergency Accident Reporting Plan in November, typically an early start for winter weather response, after snow fell then.

About 16,000 tons of a salt and sand mix sits at the City Yards in Wichita, ready for the next storm.

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