Kansans honor and remember Pres. George H.W. Bush

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At Wichita’s World War II Memorial, the flags fly at half-staff, honoring President George H.W. Bush.

“I think he was very outgoing, very understanding,” said Dr. Ken Ciboski, Associate Professor Emeritus of Political Science from Wichita State University.

Bush 41, as he’s been referred to be family and friends, had several connections to Kansas. Most notably when he ran against Sen. Bob Dole in the late 1980s. While the race got contentious, the two remained friendly.

“Bob Dole scolded him (after a primary election) and said ‘quit lying about my record!’ And that I remember very well, ‘Quit lying about my record’,” Ciboski said. “But of course, they knew each other and I don’t think there was any hard feelings between the two.”

The Dole family released a statement after the former President’s death reading, “He brought wisdom, a keen sense of mission and diplomacy, incomparable patriotism, along with compassion and humanity, to each and every assignment he accepted on behalf of the American people.”

The former president also made several visits to Kansas both during his term in office and after. In 1990 he campaigned in the Sunflower State for then-Governor Mike Hayden.

Since his death Friday night, tributes have come from key political leaders across the state.

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran took time to recall his first meeting with Pres. Bush, while he was a congressional intern.

“A long time ago, I got to shake hands with a future president,” he said. “Such grace, conducted himself with such humility, so willing to talk to an 18 and 19 year-old-kid.”

Honoring George Herbert Walker Bush not just for his time as president, but his time serving his country.

“Security of our country, sacrifice to others was so evident,” he said. “His service was about taking care of the country. It wasn’t about him.”

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