Northwest Wichita neighborhood targeted by thief

"It's disheartening and frustrating,” said Brandie Howes.  

Howes says enough is enough after a recent string of car break-ins in her northwest Wichita neighborhood.

"We work really, really hard for what we have and it hits you in the gut when someone takes that from you,” she said. “Because you try to do things right and build up to what you have and for someone just to come and take it, it hurts."

Her security cameras caught the suspect in action early Monday morning.

You can see the man rummaging through her husband's truck, filling a bag full of things like flash drives full priceless pictures, important paperwork, and hunting tools before taking off.

"It makes you think twice when you're opening up the garage door up or going for a run in the neighborhood in the morning or anything like that, so that's another big loss is just that sense of security around your own house,” she said.  

Howes and other neighbors compared security pictures like the one attached in this story. They say it looks like the same man terrorizing the area.

A few blocks away, a thief stole packages off Dave Coyle’s front porch.

"On the one hand there's a lot of anger there because someone's taking something, but on the other hand, there's a sadness there too that someone is willing to cross that threshold and take something that's not theirs,” Coyle stated. “And for that reason, they must be in a pretty desperate situation."

With Christmas coming up, police are warning to lock your doors and not to leave valuables in sight and to say something if you see something.

"The whole community and the neighborhoods need to pull together and watch out for each other,” said Coyle. “You're not bothering the police by reporting anything."

Several neighbors, including Howes and Coyle, have filed police reports in hopes that the suspect is caught and the break-ins stop.

If you have any information, call police. 

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