U.S. Synchronized Figure Skating headed back to Wichita

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Less than a year since their last visit, Intrust Bank Arena just announced that synchronized figure skating is headed back to Wichita.

“Wichita will be the site for the 2020 U.S. Figure Skating Midwestern & Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships,” said Brian Hargrove, Executive Director Sports Development.

The city played host to the championship just this January. Mayor Jeff Longwell said because they did so well hosting, they get to do it all over again in 20-20.

“This is another great opportunity for us to showcase our city. It’s truly a testament to how well this tournament ran the last time because if it was run poorly, you don’t get them back,” Longwell said.

The competition will bring 160 teams and 2,500 athletes to Wichita and those competing range in ages from 7 to 70.

According to U.S. Figure Skating, synchronized skating is considered a fairly new sport, getting its start in 1956, but one of the most rapidly growing sports in the world.

Tammi Joseph-

“It’s really a different type of event. It’s not like what you’d see on the Olympics where it’d individuals or pairs. It’s teams of skaters and you have all different ages from little through adults, skating in unison. It’s synchronized skating. It’s really a fun event.” Said Tammi Joseph, Vice President of Wichita Figure Skating Club.

Visit Wichita said in total the event is expected to bring $3.4 million dollars to the local economy.

The tournament this year also brought in over $3 million in total economic impact.

“It really lent itself to having a successful event, leads to another. Whether it’s a concert or a sporting event and in this case, we’ve had a pretty good run with sporting events,” said A.J. Boleski, Intrust Bank Arena General Manager.

The event will take place on January 15th through the 19th at Intrust Bank Arena.