Woman claims Riverside neighborhood plagued with BB gun vandals

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Renee Flores has lived in Riverside for nearly 20 years now, but she’s never had to deal with an incident like this before.

“He pointed what I am assuming is a BB gun at me and shot it about three or four times,” Flores said.

On Wednesday, Flores said she was standing on her porch when someone shot at her with a BB gun.

She started recording on her cell phone right after the scare. You can hear loud pops in the background.

“I was more taken aback that they would do something like that in broad daylight,” Flores said.

Just a week ago, she found the windows on her son's car shattered, along with the windows on two other cars and a nearby business.

“It’s fun to them. But they need to realize this isn’t fun. I have to pay for my son’s windows. That’s over $225,” Flores said.

The family spent the day installing video cameras. Flores has a few on the front of the house and there’s some others surrounding the house, just in case, so it can capture any other incidents that may occur.

Flores even had her trees trimmed so her cameras can get a better view. Now she is hoping the vandals will stop.

“I need them to also learn from this. Because their actions have consequences, or it should and I hope that they get consequences from this because they need them,” Flores said.

Wichita police are investigating the incident. They said if you have any information that could help with this case to please contact them.

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