Derby Police need help identifying stolen goods

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

The names printed on a military bag filled with tools and an electrical tester are the only clues police have to identify multiple stolen items.

"Officers recovered property out of a vehicle and we're trying to locate where this property came from." Said Lt. Karensa Schiffel, Derby Police Department.

Schiffel said they found the stolen items in a car on November 23. Now they're sharing pictures of some of the property, which includes jewelry, security cameras, binoculars, electrical testers and an adult photo album.

"Both men's and women's jewelry, of various styles as well. There's been some tools. Some have markings, which we have released,” Schiffel said.

Detectives were able to pull an image from a game camera that was recovered. The room has wood paneling and you can make out some of the photos on the wall. They're hoping a homeowner will recognize it and be able to recover some of their stolen items.

National crime reports show only 29 percent of stolen property is ever recovered. So, this find by Derby Police is rare.

Investigators aren't releasing photos of some of the items, like the jewelry, because they want to make sure the items go back to the original owners.

The Lieutenant said if someone steals from you, file a police report. That way in cases like this, when police find stolen goods, they can get them back to you. 

"If there's serial numbers that are attached to the items, having documentation of that. If there's not, if they know a good detailed description of the item, or have placed their own identifying marks on that item, that helps us make that property very distinctive,” Schiffel said.

If you think this property is yours or are able to describe some of your stolen items, like jewelry or tools, call detectives at 788-1557.