Use secure connections to buy or give online

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Security experts advise people to use secure connections, not public wifi, to make purchases or to give money online.

"Public wifis are not always intended to be to the benefit of the consumer," said Ross Jordan, Microsoft practice development director for High Touch Technologies. The company focuses on helping businesses with software, technology and communication solutions.

The company's IT director, Brian Straight, offered three tips to keep online shoppers this holiday season.

  • Update to latest version on phone/computer
  • Purchase through secure websites (https or lock symbol)
  • Do not use debit card for purchases

"It's imperative. Updates aren't just enhancements. They're a lot of security patches," said Straight.

Other experts echo a similar message.

"Use trusted websites, update your phone, and use your home wifi or your cell phone data to shop online," said Vladimir Solovey, chief technology officer for

Wichita Police have seen a steady number of cases of identity theft. So far this year, there have been 629 reports.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you can freeze your credit. As of late this year, a new federal law allowed for free credit freezes and year-long fraud alerts. For more information, click here

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