Colder weather doesn't stop those problem pests in your home

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It may be colder outside, but that doesn’t stop pests from infiltrating your home. Even with the cold weather, spiders and fleas can still be a problem in your home.

Brown recluse spiders can become a problem this time of year as homeowners dig through holiday decorations, Jeff Wells with Advance Pest Control.

"What we tell people is the number one contributing factor to a brown recluse infestation is clutter," he said. "And so, when you de-clutter your help your calls with these spiders."

He said he's also still getting calls about fleas and ants. 

"These pests are resilient, and the Kansas cold just doesn't seem to do what it used to do to them," Wells told the Hutch Post. . 

Rodents can become a problem this time of year. Wells said f you have any questions, call a pest control business in your area.

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