72-year-old woman shot, killed by hunter who mistook her for deer

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Authorities say one woman has died after being shot by a hunter in western Arkansas.

The 72-year-old woman walked into the woods with a friend and family member to take a picture. KATV reports that's when the sheriff says she was shot and killed by a local hunter.

"When you pull that trigger, you don't know where it's going to end up," said Sheriff Larry Jones.

It happened Sunday along Highway 215 in Jonson County. Sheriff Larry Jones said the woman, identified as Jane Rust, of Sparkman, was hoping to take a picture of the fall colors when she was shot.

"The gentleman was hunting in the area and jumped a deer in that vicinity where the female was shot, he thought he'd seen a deer and shot," Sheriff Jones said. 

He said the hunter, Dale Williams, didn't realize what had happened right away.

While the sheriff says it's a basic rule that hunters should clearly see their target and know what they're shooting at before opening fire, he says during deer season tourists should also be careful when they're in the woods.

"Be safe when you're out there and don't go out into the woods without hunting colors on."

The investigation is ongoing.