Things to keep in your car as winter weather approaches


With winter weather on its way, Kansas drivers are making sure they're ready to brave the cold.

“I always keep a hoodie in my car,” said Savanna Darland.

Audrey McCormyck added, "I like to keep a blanket in my car ‘cause if it's really cold and my car breaks down, I'll be able to be prepared and cozy up in there. The more prepared you can be the better."  

Ice melt, a windshield cover, and an extra car battery are just some things you should have in your car before winter weather hits.

"There's nothing better than being prepared because if you're not prepared you're gonna be in a bad situation,” said Ace Hardware assistant manager Norma Haden.

Haden learned how important it was to have these things years ago when she got stranded on the side of the road.

"I didn't have cones, I didn't have a flashlight,” she recalled. “I didn't have any way to let cars know I was there. It was freezing."  

When we hear it's going to snow, most of us just grab a pair of gloves and a windshield scraper and throw them in the car, but what we aren't is fully prepared. The folks here at Ace Hardware say it takes more than those two things to be ready for ice and snow. They say you need things like traction shoes, so you don't slip and traffic cones in case something happens to your car.

Haden says she'll be educating her customers all winter long.

"Nobody wants to be out there freezing, nobody wants to be out there stranded, stuck, ya know, that's miserable,” she said.  

You should also have hand warmers and deicer for your windshield.

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