Leon students step up to help dairy farmer as his son recovers from farming accident

LEON, Kan. (KAKE) -

Feeding the calves is just one of many jobs Bluestem Elementary students do every day in Ag class. 

"It's fun,” said fourth-grader Elliana Pierson.

But the calves are special. The class is raising them for dairy farmer Orville Miller whose son Brian is recovering after a nearly fatal farming accident.

"That's our job as people is to do things for others, take care of those, in this case, have injuries or in the hospital,” said Ag teacher Barbara McCaffree. “I wanna teach that to our kids that that's what we do for each other."

McCaffree teaches the class. When she heard that Brian had been run over by some farming equipment while planting wheat, she knew she had to help.

After a phone call to his father, she picked up the calves and brought them back to her students who were over the moon about their new chores.

Each day the kids weigh each calf, mix their food and bottle feed them.

The class will raise the calves until they're weaned and eventually returned to the Millers.

Their teacher says not only are they learning how to care for farm animals, but more importantly, it's a lesson in caring for others.

"It feels really good to me,” said 4th grader Lillian Owens. “Because I know I'm helping somebody in need."