How to get a discounted ride to the polls

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Uber and Lyft are making your trip to the polls easy and affordable.

For the first time ever, Uber is offering $10 off rides to the polls with the promo code VOTE2018. Lyft is once again promising voters a half off deal.

Local Uber and Lyft drivers say they're preparing for a busy Election Day.

"Probably be busy right off the bat hopefully," said driver Lamont Barnes. "There's a lot of elderly people and people who don't like to drive, get out and drive here."

"My plan is to get up and turn on my apps once I'm ready to go for the day, and see if I can get anybody that I can take," driver Margaret Tripp said.

Uber has also added a feature in the app that will show users where their polling place is located. You'll provide your home address and it'll tell you where you're supposed to vote. 

"I think it is helpful to the community and to the state of Kansas," Tripp said.

A Tufts University study found that in 2016 15 million eligible voters cited transportation as a key reason why they didn't vote. Whether or not there will be a large demand in Wichita is up in the air, but Barnes and Tripp are excited for the chance to help make the experience an easy one for anyone wanting to cast their vote.

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