Kansas City health inspectors throw away food meant for homeless

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The Kansas City Health Department dumped food that was prepared for the homeless Sunday evening.

Ilus Davis Park is one of three places where the health department stopped a group called "Free Hot Soup." The group told KCTV health inspectors dumped out food, such as bean soup, and told them to leave the parks.

Volunteer Jennifer McCartney said she was shocked when police and health inspectors showed up at Ilus Davis Park where the volunteers were serving a meal.

“There were so many people waiting in line,” she said.

A health department official said the group was serving improperly prepared food without a permit. They shut down three locations where McCartney and other volunteers were working.

“They told us we could throw away the meals or they would do it.” 

One volunteer took video of inspectors dumping food into plastic bags and said they also poured bleach on it. The health department said that’s normal practice to make sure no one eats discarded food.

Despite what happened, McCartney continued her weekly route with the food she and other volunteers had left.

“We've always had a mutual respect. We don't know what happened. We don't know what happened. It's ridiculous. We've never had this issue ever,” said McCartney.

But, the health department says they had warned “Free Hot Soup” in the past about serving community meals.