Family, friends make incredible costume for Clearwater teen with wheelchair

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Tucker never disappoints on Halloween.

This year he's a jeep, last year he was a boat and the year before a Harley Davidson motorcycle, all built by his step-dad Cory Carter with the help of some friends who made it their mission to make sure Tucker never feels left out.

"There's just not a lot of costumes out there for disability children,” said Carter.

Tucker is epileptic and has cerebral palsy, making it hard to walk. When Carter saw Tucker struggling to get from door to door while trick or treating, he bought a stroller, but that wasn't exactly comfortable for Tucker.

That's when Carter came up with the idea to buy a wheelchair and build around it, an idea Tucker loved.

"He just means the world to us and every sacrifice, every little sliver you get, every cut you get, it's worth the sacrifice to see him smile and see him enjoy his life,” said Carter. “His quality of life means the most to us."

Tucker’s mom Tasha Carter said, "He absolutely loves it, and we love to bring him out on Halloween and have a good time and enjoy it with all the other kids."

As for what he'll be next year, we'll all just have to wait and see.

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