Winfield Police warn of counterfeit money in Cowley County


Winfield Police have seen an uptick in the number of counterfeit bills being used at local businesses around Cowley County.

"It's alarming. Of course, you don't want to see anybody being victimized. A theft is a theft. Not only does it hurt the business, but it also hurts state commerce," said Lt. Chad Gordon of the Winfield Police Dept.

Since June, there have been reports of counterfeit 50 and 100 dollars bills at local businesses, gas stations, and fast food restaurants.

The Bing Brother Liquor Store on Main Street was hit twice last week by the same suspect.

The first time, a cashier did not notice the fake bill, but the store manager noticed it the next day.

"On one level it makes me angry. I don't think anybody likes to feel like someone's trying to lie or cheat or steal, especially when they're involved with it," said Tim Rosproy, manager.

Police encourage cashiers to pay closer attention to details on bills and recommend using counterfeit detecting pens that leave dark marks on fake bills.

If you come across a counterfeit bill, call police and make a report.

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