Students encouraged to use app to submit anonymous tips

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Wichita Schools announcing an update to their "Speak Up" program that allows people to submit anonymous tips or concerns.

The program has moved to the "P3 Tips" app, where anyone can download the app and submit concerns anonymously.

The app also allows users to submit videos and photos.

"We know with students, a traditional phone call is not the most comfortable thing to make. So, we're very happy to have a program that will make it easier for students, family to give us information in regards to students concerns," said Terri Moses, safety director for Wichita Schools.

Since the Speak Up program began in 2010, more than 1,200 tips have been submitted.

Tips are not limited to crime. 

Instead, they emphasize student well-being and include concerns such as child abuse, suicide and bullying.

"We want people to be able to call in and give us anonymous information about tips that can help us, help students," said Moses.

You can submit tips via the Speak Up program website, by clicking here, or by calling Crime Stoppers at (316) 267-2111. 

You  can also submit tips through the app. To download, type "P3 Tips" in the Google Play or Apple store.

Speak Up Program - Tips received by year

2010 - 134

2011 - 145

2012 - 107

2013 - 118

2014 - 183

2015 - 179

2016 - 149

2017 - 128

2018 - 111 (Jan to Oct 30)

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