New poll puts Kelly in lead in Governor's race

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A new poll from Fort Hays State University's Docking Institute shows Democrat Laura Kelly taking the lead in the race to be Kansas next governor.  But that lead may not be as big as it looks in the poll.  

This new poll gives Democrat Laura Kelly a four point lead over Republican Kris Kobach.  It's the first poll to show more than a point difference between the two.

Forty percent of adult Kansans polled in the Kansas Speaks survey said they support Kelly with 36% supporting Kobach.  Greg Orman remains a distant third with 10%.

Dr. Russell Arben Fox, political scientist with Friends University, says there's a lot we can learn from this poll.

"Undecided has fallen quite a bit from the other the polls," he said.  Although the four point difference between Kobach and Kelly isn't as large as it looks . "Everything is still within the margin of error.  But... it's clear that Kris Kobach is losing maybe a quarter to a third of Republican voters, maybe even more."

He adds, because the survey covers dozens of issues across the state, not just the governor's race, Kansans are more likely to show support for Kelly over Kobach.

"I would still say that it's still neck and neck.  In part because the particulars of the Docking poll are very, very policy heavy," Fox said.  "We already knew that there were a lot of Republicans who didn't like Kris Kobach but might end up voting for him anyway because, well, he's the republican....But they're not enthusiastic at all. And so when you hit all of this policy stuff at them, that makes them more likely to waver